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The Cascades Rock Ensemble (aka, CROCK) is a performance based music program. We work together to excel performance skills in guitar, bass, drums, keys, and vocals. And every quarter we put-on awesome shows at local venues here in Central Oregon.


Join us for Fall 2014!

  • Rock-out on stage!
  • Professionally directed
  • Learn performance skills
  • Build stage confidence
  • Master your instrument
  • And it’s tons of fun!
We’re looking for a few good …
Guitarists, Drummers, Vocalists, as well as Keyboard & Horn Players!

CROCK was founded on the core principles of:

  • Music Fundamentals,
  • Performance Skills,
  • Principles of Good Sound, and
  • Choosing The Right Arrangements.

See our FOCUS page for more details.

CROCK develops and accelerates your skills as a musician & performer through an organized, directed, rock & roll music ensemble.

CROCK participants learn to rehearse together as a team, listen to each others parts, and understand & respect each role in the band to successfully perform a few, high quality, classic tunes that students can be comfortable & confident in presenting.

The proof is in the listening – check out our videos for some good vibes!  →

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