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The Cascades Rock Ensemble (aka, CROCK) is an informal performance based youth music program. We work together to excel performance skills in guitar, bass, drums, keys, and vocals. And we put-on awesome shows at local venues here in Central Oregon.

COVID UPDATE: we’re on hiatus till the dust settles… planning for ensembles to resume in January of 2022 so stay tuned and rock on!


Join Our Performance Group!

  • Rock-out on stage!
  • Practice performance skills
  • Build stage confidence
  • Master your instrument
  • And it’s tons of fun!
We’re looking for a few good …
Guitarists, Drummers, Vocalists, as well as Keyboard & Horn Players!

CROCK was founded on the core principles of:

  • Music Fundamentals,
  • Performance Skills,
  • Principles of Good Sound, and
  • Choosing The Right Arrangements.

See our FOCUS page for more details.

CROCK develops and accelerates your skills as a musician & performer through an organized, directed, rock & roll music ensemble.

CROCK participants learn to rehearse together as a team, listen to each others parts, and understand & respect each role in the band to successfully perform a few, high quality, classic tunes that students can be comfortable & confident in presenting.

The proof is in the listening – check out our videos for some good vibes!  →

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