The Focus | Teach Music Through Performance

Our purpose is to inspire CROCK participants by emphasizing:

Who does what, when, and why in a band? What’s the arrangement you’re playing? What’s your part? Is your equipment set right? Are you listening? And YES – that means music theory too! Things like key signatures, time signatures, reading rhythms, reading music – you’ve got to learn the language of music too. The sooner you start, the better.

Performance is paramount. Through performance we derive inspiration! We’ve seen it completely transform a player’s outlook on music & life. CROCK prepares musicians through organized practice and equips them with the skills they need to overcome their fear though our guiding principles of music fundamentals, good sound, and proper arrangements. All working together to develop well rounded musicians.

We’re not just talking about equipment and sound mixing (we work on that too!). We’re talking more fundamentally about tone, dynamics & orchestration. For a successful performance you’ve got to navigate everything from what each instrument sounds like, to timing issues, rhythmic clashes, harmonic clashes, and more. Sound like a lot? Well it is! And it represents a key elements that differentiates a great ensemble from a garage fiasco.

Our natural inclination is to try to reproduce what we heard in the original song arrangement (i.e., make a cover to honor the artist). But what if your singer can’t work in that key? What if your guitar player is not Eddie Van Halen? And your drummer is not Neil Peart? Ensembles must adjust their choice of song and arrangement to produce the best possible results that keep the audience engaged. Through proper arrangements we build confidence to successfully perform.