Programs | So What’s the Story?

Here’s how CROCK works in a nutshell:

  • 8-12 group rehearsals during a typical season
  • Rehearsals are 1x per week for 60-90 minutes.
  • Experienced Musicians available to run the rehearsal.
  • Participants encouraged to purse private lessons.
  • Sessions culminate with a performance at a local venue.
  • Limited fees depending on participation.

We’re looking for talented musicians in Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, Vocals, and Horns. And we are currently filling positions for our performance teams.

  • Rehearsals on Thursdays & Saturdays

We start by informally auditioning new participants to see where they fit. Please use our CONTACT US form to get started. Understand that we can’t always place a new participant due to the dynamics of a given ensemble (due to skill level or if positions are already filled). We will open up new ensembles based on demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take people with no experience?

No performance experience is necessary. However, CROCK is ideally suited for musicians with a few years experience playing their instrument and who possess some degree of knowledge in music fundamentals.

What if I only studied Classical or Jazz music?

That’s great and don’t stop! CROCK is not about redirection but rather augmentation & performance training. You don’t study Rock n’Roll exactly anyway – YOU PLAY IT!

Where are rehearsals held?

Rehearsals are held at the home studios of our music directors located around Bend, Oregon. They have a spacious, comfortable, and safe studio rooms fully equipped for an ensemble to practice. Participants need only bring their instruments and a smile.

What about private lessons?

CROCK asks that each participant concurrently pursue regular private lessons in their instrument. CROCK is designed to augment private study, not replace it. There are excellent music teachers and music schools here in Bend to choose from – visit our TEAM page where we recommend several.

What if we can’t make a rehearsal or have difficulty scheduling?

All CROCK participants have competing schedules so we do our best to accommodate everyone. We ask that you don’t miss more than 3 rehearsals in a session (particularly at the run-up to a performance). And we’ll move rehearsals around (if we can) to get the most out of each session.

What’s the CROCK story?

You can read about our journey to CROCK on the ABOUT US page. The short story is there is no ensemble quite like CROCK available in Bend, and we were determined to make one! CROCK is an informal not-for-profit gathering of would-be musicians and we guarantee 100% of any CROCK fees go directly towards the instructor’s time plus equipment & venue expenses.

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